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Crack sealing prevents water from entering into the sub-base of the asphalt under the crack. When water enters cracks or is improperly drained, it softens the supporting sub-base and leads to alligators and eventual pothole formation.

Winter accelerates this process due to freeze/thaw processes where water that is trapped in the asphalt sub-base freezes, expands, and pushes the pavement up causing frost heaves. When warmer weather arrives, thawing causes the sub-base to contract and soften, leaving a void. Without support, the pavement ultimately caves in.

Hot rubber crack sealing is the best process available today for sealing cracks and preventing water seepage and frost heaves. The rubber is a highly elastic material that expands and contracts according to weather conditions. Cracks are cleaned and blown or routed out, prior to applying sealant.

Every dollar spent on quality preventative maintenance now saves up to 5 times as much in repairs and replacement over time!

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