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Pavements over time will need to be repaired using hot asphalt. Damage may be caused by several factors such as: insufficient base and or insufficient asphalt thickness resulting in sinkage, settlement, tree roots, cracks left unattended for long periods, and gas and oil spills.

Some repairs require a thin asphalt overlay, while others require to be saw cut and removed. Overlays typically are used in the case of low depressions and garage floor ramps. Application of tack coat (adhesive) is always applied after cleaning the area, to ensure proper bonding. Finally the hot asphalt is compacted using a hand tamper, vibratory plate or asphalt roller.

In the event of more serious problems such as "alligator" cracking, saw cut and removal of damaged asphalt area, is inevitable. This process consists of several important steps to assure that the repair is performed properly.

We start by neatly saw cutting the perimeters of your deteriorated asphalt at the specified depth. We then excavate the deteriorated asphalt and any unsuitable subbase material. The material is then hauled off site and recycled or properly disposed of.

If there is existing stone base, we will then compact it or if gravel is necessary it will be supplied and compacted to ensure a solid foundation for the rest of the repair process.

A tack coat is then applied to the edges of the saw cut edges. The next step involves the placement and compaction process. This is done by installing 2 1/2" hot mix asphalt in one or two layers depending upon job application.

We finish it off by following rigid compaction guidelines to control compacted air voids so that air and moisture will not permeate the pavement which can reduce its durability. It can also provide inadequate expansion which will make it unstable. We use either a vibratory plate and/or asphalt roller during the compaction process.

The cost for such work depends upon your location, the amount of grading or substrate work required, and other site specific factors.

To avoid the expenses involved with asphalt removal and replacement, it is generally prudent to maintain a pavement maintenance plan that includes timely crackfilling, sealcoating and patching.

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